This particular medicine is primarily used in the treatment of various fungal infections and yeast infections that may develop. Basically, this particular medicine belongs to the medicine family class of azole antifungals. The range of medicines that are found in this particular class of medicines is used mainly to prevent the growth of different types of fungal infections and yeast infections. However, ensure that you take this particular medicine as it has been prescribed to you by your doctor. It may be available in stores, but you can also purchase it online. That would also be a more convenient solution.


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Product Description


Strictly follow the prescribed directions provided by your doctor when using this particular medicine to treat fungal infections and yeast infections.

Generally, you have to take this particular medicine every day orally. You can take Diflucan either with your meals or without your meals. It is usually to be taken one time every day.

However, if you are using the liquid suspension of Diflucan, shake the bottle well prior to use. Carefully measure the suspension in a special measuring spoon. Also, the dose of this particular medicine should not exceed more than 600 mg on a daily basis when being given to children.

But, keep in mind the fact that the dosage mentioned above for both adults and children may vary. Thus, it is crucial that you follow the dosage that your doctor has prescribed.